The 10 Best Things To Do At The Renaissance Fair

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The 10 Best Things To Do At The Renaissance Fair

The Renaissance Fair is one of its kind, budget-friendly mini-themed park where you’re sure to have all the entertainment you want right in one place! So if you’re heading here, we’ve got a list of the things you must do when you’re at the unique Arizona Renaissance Fair:



Jousting is not something we come across in our everyday lives – so grab this opportunity to witness this royal court presiding over this show of stunts. Watch the thrilling show of stuntmen riding on their horses, battling against each other is simply mesmerizing!


Medieval games:


There are a variety of unique games here – and all of them are pretty quirky and unusual, which you won’t find at all in regular fairs! So don’t miss out on these.


People around:


Well, the people who visit this Fair don’t come dresses normally – it’s a costume fair out here! People dress up in amusing costumes here and watching them itself is so much fun! And yes, you’re free to dress up as you wish too!

The cast and crew:

cast and crew:


How about quickly catching up with the cast and crew of people who run the whole fantastic show? Well, you can do it here – here the stories of these entertainers, who travel more than they entertain! And we bet you’ll get to hear a lot of never-heard-before experiences from them!


Food and drinks:


Now, this not something we have to tell you, right? Because we know after a day of running through this fantastic Fair, hunger pangs will keep propping up now and then! The Fair has a huge variety of food and drinks out on the palate there – so make the most it, people! Oh, and yes, they have the best turkey legs and apple ciders out here!

Fortune tellers:


There are quite a few fortune tellers in the Fair – there are face readers, palm readers and even tarot card readers. Try the face reader – the chap has a reputation of spilling out a replica of your future!


Hand moulds:


Don’t miss out on the chance to get your hand moulds done up! You can get one done with whomever you wish – one with your lovely partner, your child or even your best friend!


Arts and crafts:


If art and craft are food for your soul, you’re in the right place. A fantastic display of art and craft from around the world will get you all excited here! Get some of that saved money to buy the stuff you’ve set your eyes on here.


Comedy shows:


You’ll have a laughter riot attending the comedy shows here! Laugh your heart out with the comedy shows – but make sure which one you are attending. There are some shows specifically for adults (filled with dirty jokes) and the others, totally family friendly.




How about camel and elephant rides? Well yes, they do have these here! We told you it’s one spot for entertainment of all kind, didn’t we?



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